What we offer



Southern Colorado Youth Development is one of only two organizations in Colorado that offer the National Youth Project Using Minibikes NYPUM. Through the use of dirtbikes our trainers build relationships with the youth we work with. Youth gain many different skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives.

One on One Mentoring

Youth need a strong positive role model and Southern Colorado Youth Development offers that support they need so badly. We meet with youth on a weekly basis to offer support and guidance through mentoring and positive role modeling.

Individual and Group Therapy (Coming Soon)

We believe that with the right support of therapy youth can develop the needed skills to cope with and overcome the traumatic events that they have experienced in their lives. 

Heart Math (Coming Soon)

Through the use of cutting edge technology youth will learn to regulate themselves through a series of computer programs and games. Heart Math is being used by some of the top athletes in the NBA, MLB, NFL, and our own United States Military.

R.U.T.S. Realizing Underutilized Talents Safely (Coming Soon)

The R.U.T.S. program is a three part program that empowers youth to live a positive life and learn skills to help them strive for a brighter future. Through the employment, outdoor activities, and engagement portions of the program youth will develop skills that they will need in order to fulfill their dreams and expectations.